Investing In Adult Well-being

An Evidence-Based Approach to Developing  Social-Emotional Competence


We'll bring the energy and inspiration to your next assembly, professional development day, or community engagement initiative! 


We believe in the cultivation of adults' Social-Emotional Development to impact community outcomes 


Guidance & Behavior Support.
Includes Strategic Planning + monthly implementation support options

Pricing for Consulting Services 

Strategic Planning 
Implementation Support
  • Curriculum Development/Recommendation

    College & Career Courses, Work Based Learning Workshops, Program Implementation

  • Secondary Program Management

    IGP Planning Support, Virtual SC (South Carolina Schools) protocols,  Intervention planning and support processes, Creating processes for new initiatives, Implementation support

  • Work Based Learning

    We have multiple workshops designed to expose Middle & High School students college & career opportunities. Workshop topics include: Every Decision Counts: 8 Lessons I wish they taught me in school (Book Study),  Leadership & Communication Workshop Series, Entrepreneurship: Busuiness building workshop, Resume & Business Ettiquette Workshop. 


    We will also support logistics and make recommendations for field studies. 

    *We have a 40 Hour workbased learning workshop plan available upon request* 

  • Team Building (Facilitation)

    In some cases it's important to have a neutral party that can facilitate meeting agenda's, keep the conversation moving forward, and ensure you are meeting the objectives and priorities set forth by your Learning Community

  • Implementation Support

    We have 7+ Years experience adopting and implementing new initiatives in K-12 school communities. We've supported school partnerships with: Dual enrollment, Multi County Career & Technology Education Assistance, SEL Program Adoption, Teacher Professional Development & Observation Plans, Student Support Systems, Behavior Protocols, PBIS Systems. 

Strategic Planning Support
  • All Strategic Planning Options +

    All of the support opportunities included in the Strategic Planning Option are available + implementation support: Curriculum development, Secondary Program Management, Team building and facilitation, Work based Learning, 10 Hours of strategic planning around the initiative of your choice.


  • Monthly Support

    Choose between 5 Hours of monthly support: Great for coaching, and touching base with school or district leadershp

    Choose 10 hours of monthly support: Great for coaching and touch points + initiative support via professional development, continued planning, owning action items, or other wise discussed priorities 

  • Professional Development

    With the + package we can participate in regularly scheduled meetings for staff development, student support, or college & career initiatives. 


    Consulting partners have access to our suite of professional learning workshops & assessments

    Related to Emotional Intelligence, Relationships & Communication, Workplace motivation, Communicating Effectively with Students, Parents, and Teachers, Redirecting Student Behavior, 4 Ways we use SEL and other options provided by our facilitators. 

  • Evidence Based Assessment

    Strategic Planning + 5 Includes 25 Assessments of your choice (DISC, Emotional intelligence, Motivators, Kids DISC)

    Recommend: Leadership Teams, Teacher Leaders, Kids DISC - For students/parents/teachers, 


    Strategic Planning + 5 Includes 50 Assessments of your choice (DISC, Emotional intelligence, Motivators, Kids DISC)

    Recommend: Leadership Teams, Teacher Leaders, Departments, or other committees & Teams Kids DISC - For students/parents/teachers, 


    Team & Collaborative Reports & Recommendations, and debrief sessions are also available with the +5 or +10 package


  • Coaching

    Education is overwhelming, our monthly support coaching provides: A safe space to debrief, accountability to complete action items, capacity support and management, stress management. 


    Implementation Expertise, and perpective outside of your community.

$10,000 + Travel 
$18,000 (Strategic Planning +5 Monthly Support)
$26,000 (Strategic Planning +10 Monthly Support)

Pricing for Professional Development 

  • Particpants

    Our base packages include 50 or 100 assessments, unused assessments can be utilized to onboard new staff or for future trainings. 



  • Personalized reporting

    Each training with us includes an Evidence based assessment that helps you identify and strengthen your assets. 

    Upon completion you will receive a 28 - 48 page report with details specific to your responses.

  • 4 Training Hours

    4 Hours of service are included with your session, a minimum of 2 hours must be used during our workshop. The other two hours can be used as follow up trainings, or virtual check in's with leadership teams.

  • 2 Hour Strategic Planning

    Between our on boarding, preparation and follow up call we'll spend time customizing the workshop to ensure it meets your priorities

  • Team Dynamic Reporting

    Our primary DISC assessments allow us to put your School/District into whole or small groups to asses how to build powerful teams, and operate in personal strengths. 


    We utilize several team dynamic reports that provide insights for leadership, coaching, conflict resolution, and improved well being. 

  • Every decision counts (20 Copies)

    20 copies of our Social Emotional learning workbook for middle & high school students. 


Professional Development Day
$4,800 (+ 50 Participants)
$8,200 (+ 100 Participants)
Professional Learning + 15
  • All items included in a single session

    50 - 100 participants, strategic planning & preparation, 20 copies of Every decision counts, access to self paced curriculum


  • 15 Professional development hours

    Customize your PD: Monthly PLC checks ins, Quarterly staff professional development, Develop plans with PD lead to implement in schools or across the district

  • Choose a focus group

    Is there a specific team you are looking to develop? We'll work directly with classroom teachers, school leaders, counselors, alternative programes, CTE centers, custodial staff you name it

  • 100 Evidence Based Assessment's

    DISC, Motivators, Emotional Intelligence, Kids DISC


$18,000 + Travel

School Engagement Pricing 

  • Engagement Planning

    We take adding value seriously, every workshop starts with an onboarding call to learn about your priorities and key information. Once your day is planned, and presentations are complete


  • Keynotes

    Up to 2 hours of keynote presentations through the day. For parents, students, staff and stake holders. 


    Keynote topics include 

    - Preparing Your Child for Education (Elementary Parents)

    - Communication Keys (Parents) 

    - Relationships & Communication (Staff, Parents, Stakeholders, Teams) 

    - Emotional Intelligence 101 (All)

    - Every Decision Counts (All) 



  • Staff & Student Engagement

    We'll spend spend time visintg classrooms or small groups to give your teachers a break, co facilitate a lesson, or meet with small groups. (1 Hour) 


    Additionally we'll spend an hour with your staff, again providing relief, co teaching, or meeting with small groups about priorities (included in full day) 

  • Leadership Training

    Success starts at the top, after the day of festivities is complete we'll meet with the leadership team to provide coaching feedback and recommendations. 10 Leadership team members will also have access to our DISC Communication style assessement to learn more about 


    Communication styles, Work place tendencies, communication preferences, and strategies to create more win-win situations with your staff, students and stake holders. 

  • Every decision counts (50 Copies)

    20 copies of our Social Emotional learning workbook for middle & high school students. 


School Engagement Workshops 
$4,500 | Half Day 

$7,500 | Whole Day 

Community Engagement

  • All items included in half or whole day

    See Half/Whole Day workshops 


  • 90 Follow up Plan

    Upon implementation of your multi day workshop we'll meet with your team to discuss continous development plans. Options to continue learning on your own, or solutions and partners we recommend.


    Follow up calls will be scheduled for 30, 60, 90 days post workshop

  • Every Decision Count (100 Copies)

    SEL Workbook: 100 Copies of Every Decision Counts: 8 Lessons I wish they taught me in school. Classroom sets, school store, reflection use, awards, intervention tool. Made for students but adults love it too! 


$5,000 | Multi Day  + travel

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