The expectations that come with being an educator are so overwhelming it's easy to feel disconnected from your administrators, students, PLC, and your passion for building a strong generation.

Stressed when you wake up, ready to clock out before you clock inWe know what it means to be a teacher and feel like 

  • If I don’t figure something out, I'm going to quit my job or lose my mind
  • Having a breakdown: mentally, emotionally, verbally, and physically caused by stress
  • Not feeling fulfilled at work or home
  • Struggling to create boundaries for my life and teach people (parents, administrators, students) how they should communicate with me

Today, most schools have an SEL curriculum for students but don't consider practicing adult SEL.

Did you know that teachers who spend more time engaged with SEL activities report higher levels of well-being? And  80% of Educator's said that they could not teach students effectively without considering SEL? (“Supports for Social and Emotional Learning in Schools.” Wallace Foundation).

We believe that if you want to impact students, you have to support teachers. That's why we practice Adult SEL. Over the past five years, we've collaborated with 18 school communities and over 400 educators to improve social-emotional competence through relationship, communication, and emotional intelligence training. 

Our Social-Emotional Skill Building sessions help you remove stress and improve well being by 

  • Identifying your motivations: Wants & Needs, behaviors under stress
  • Understanding your communication style and how to communicate effectively with yourself and others
  • Utilizing strategies that reduce tension and create win-win situations even with the most challenging people
  • Recognizing areas of improvement, behavior under stress, and workplace tendencies 
  • Practice and model effective communication and relationship building scenario's 

To impact students we have to support teachers. Our 3 step adult SEL professional development start’s with an assessment of teacher stress and well-being and ends with a plan to support your teacher’s personal and professional development. Leading a school community that's less stressed and more equipped to impact students social-emotional and academic outcomes.

Step 1: Assess teacher stress & well being 

First, we’ll learn more about your school community through our onboarding call. Then we’ll distribute your assessments to complete before your SEL skill-building session. 

Step 2: Debrief Individual and school-wide reports

In step 2, we’ll host SEL skill-building training for your educators, where we’ll debrief individual reports, and team reports and analyze the strengths and opportunities for growth in your professional learning communities.

Step 3: Deliver a plan of action to support teachers and impact students

During step 3, we’ll recap your school-wide data and make recommendations to improve teacher well-being, decrease teacher stress and Improve student outcomes.

Bonus Step 4: Track your teacher well being over time

Now that you’ve assessed your community social-emotional competence track your growth through the year with mid-year and end-of-year follow-up assessments and professional development. 

*Available for individuals, leadership teams, and school communities*


100% | Understand how SEL impacts personal and professional performance 

95% | Improved their understanding of school-wide relationships and team dynamics

87% | Say our training will help them feel less stressed during the school year 

80% | Have what they need to apply SEL activities learned during training

90% | of participants were able to identify personal SEL strengths and opportunities to effectively model SEL in the classroom


I think adult SEL is overlooked. It is always about our students SEL, but we have to be the models. These aren't just tips, but real actionable suggestions for SEL implementation


"I love how this focuses on SEL for us as teachers. If we are in a healthy SEL space then we can help guide our students to that."


"I rarely think about adult SEL and therefore don’t practice it. It has always been all about the students. But it is so important to practice it ourselves in order to teach our students!"


"My biggest takeaway was The Platinum Rule - it’s so easy to get carried away treating people how we’d like to be treated, but it’s time to look at it differently and treat them how they would like to be treated!"


2-3 Hour School Wide debrief

We'll provide an in-person or virtual training session to Review, applying and create a plan for your results.  

Access to online course

Each training has an online course component, so after you complete your debrief you'll be able to continue learning more about your report and resources to apply. 

Access to monthly group coaching calls 

Each month a team member will be online to deliver a lesson in application, hold Q&A, set and follow up on goals 

DISC, Emotional Intelligence  

We use evidence-based assessments to drive our asset-based approach to professional development. 

Personalized reporting 

Each assessment comes with a personalized report (35-40 pages), that gives you insights into your strengths, limitations, emotional intelligence, communication style, and more. 

Team dynamic reports 

Compare communication styles, tendencies, and characteristics of your school community. 


Ready to start practicing Adult SEL?



Ready to start practicing Adult SEL?